Replacing 4ft fence - Fencing job in Shotts, Lanarkshire

Job description

I am in a mid terrace block and require a seperation from my neighbours garden. 3 different sections of fencing. I would like it to be all 6ft but await council input in regards to neighbouring window.
The 4 foot fence in place is on council owned property and is in a poor state. I think that the posts in place can be used but will leave that to your judgement. That is approx 30 feet.
On the other side is a newer 4ft fence in good condition. I would like that to be *double* slatted, new slats on my property. This too is approx 30 feet.
Finally, the 6ft fence at the top is requiring to be double slatted to complete required privacy from pedestrian lane.
All old fencing and debris to be removed and new fence treated. I would be grateful if the quotes could be separated into the 3 sections stated.
Local to post code would be a preference.


Feedback for W.G.BUILDERS

William was prompt and pleasant. His quote was very competitive and we are happy to have hired him. His guys were on time and worked very well as a team and all work done was as required. Should the need arise, I will happily contact William again