Sink/toilet position change - Plumbing job in South Queensferry, West Lothian

Job description

We had our bathroom done a while ago now, and are still to this day having problems with leaks and the lack of space in our bathroom, it was small before but now it's tiny!!
We had a damp problem so the floor in our bathroom had to be removed and we had a dehumidifier in for one week.
When the toilet and the sink were fitted they were much farther forward than before, and when I broght this up to the fitters they said they could do nothing about this, but did move the sink slightly backwards, but we still have difficulty getting into the bath/shower.
I would like toilet and the sink moved back towards the wall in it's origional position so we can go on to finish the bathroom, and so we can have what little space we did have back!!!


Feedback for firstchoice home improvemente

Very friendly and very punctual, he consulted me on all aspects of the work, and was ok about coming back if any problems. I would definately hire him to do more work in my home.