Rear exension and outside office - Extensions job in Richmond, Surrey

Job description

We're looking to build an extension off a ground floor flat as well as an outside office at the bottom of the garden. Planning is pending. We're looking to start in October and would like quotes and to know availability.


Feedback for Dean Butler

We took the risk on Dean Butler because he offered us a good price but it was a huge mistake, hopefully, having read this and other feedback that appears absolutely correct from our experience, you will not make the same one. By hook or by crook, he ended up taking all of our money and walked off the site half way through the job. When we tried to stop paying him because he was so far behind, he became aggressive and told us that he'd "see us in court". He tried to claim more money from us for changes but the changes were to rectify his defects like when he forgot to put in a DPC (basic error) or when he tried to use blocks that were impossible to render behind meaning water would have leaked in (pure negligence). He didn't seem to have a clue what he was doing. Once Dean left, we had to spend thousands correcting his faulty works (including redoing the drainage and having to cut holes in the steels he put in the wrong place) and finishing the job he started. He will reply to this with lies and blame which we expect from someone like Dean but all I can tell you is to please not take the risk, especially if you have people you care about living with you. The replies he's left to other negative feedback give you an idea of the sort of person this man is. I also know he was successfully sued by another client who had similar experiences. If you're in the middle of a job and recognise the same, I would be really concerned about paying more money, please be careful.