Patch blown plaster/ reskim (small job) - Plastering job in Manchester, Lancashire

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Feedback for A S Finishes

Wasn't around while the work was being undertaken so unable to check progress/ final result and get any snags ironed out. My lodger informs me that Anthony arrived more or less at the agreed time. The room has been left reasonably tidy.

Standard of work is okay(ish). There are a few trowel marks in the skim which I was not expecting to see. Where the new plaster has been cut into the corners, there are a few spills that again I would not expect to see.

In addition, there is a slight ridge in the wall that is not visible but can be felt where it has been necessary to put a thinner layer of new skim over an old repair.

Overall, the standard of work is decidely average. However as I plan to sell up, the work is just about good enough. If I was intending to keep the house on a longer term basis, then I would probably ask for the work redone.

The price was miles cheaper than anything else offered. I would consider hiring this tradesman again due to the price but I would ensure that I was around to supervise.

A S Finishes's reply:

Im not sure where to start with this one.The wall was in a bad state, not just a small part of blown plaster. The whole wall had signs of cracks appearing under the existing skim before i even started but the customer didnt want the whole wall ripping out and re-boarding. This is actually why there was still a ridge on the finished skim. There was a huge dipalready, but as the customer just wanted it skimming, there is only so much you can do with skim, and a small dip remained. I skimmed over a wall in a heck of a mess. Skim doesnt work miracles. I would suggest avoiding this customer. This just isnt fair to be honest. We tradesmen should be able to give feedback to bad customers too.