Building garden wall, laying path, erect fencing panels - Bricklaying job in Ammanford, Dyfed

Job description

There has been a "builder" working on the property since last October and the work since February has been disastrous. He has plastered the same garden walls (huge area) for the third time now as they have blown each time. The path he laid at the side of the house broke up within a week of laying - this has to be redone. He has started building a front garden wall with breeze blocks (I wanted brick but he has dissuaded me) - he was supposed to finish the work at the back of the house first and I don't think he is building the wall properly - I am concerned that damp might occur because he has pointed it to the house wall - I was of the opinion that you have to leave a gap. He has had £10k already and he's had disaster after disaster. I now think he's a cowboy and I was given to believe he'd been doing this kind of work for 30yrs. I need a true professional to sort the work out. Anybody interested?


Feedback for Layes Building Services

Excellent work. Passers-by couldn't help but remark on how good his brickwork skills were. I have every confidence in his work and asked him for a quote for further work.