Cupboard fitting - Carpentry & Joinery job in Ashtead, Surrey

Job description

I've got all the materials for this job. I just need someone local to fit a cupboard in my kitchen. There is a line of around 10 tiles that will need to be removed and new ones will have to be cut and retiled. We also have a small cupboard door to fit in a kind of alcove that we have in the kitchen where the heating controls are. I don't think this job could take more than 2 hours...


Feedback for LCA Construction

It is a shame that I have to write the first feedback for Lca construction and that it is not a good one. I hired Artur to put up a kitchen cupboard. He told me, last Thursday, that he was working locally and would give me a call an hour before coming to my house. At 3.30 pm on Friday I decided to give him a call to check if he knew, more or less, what time he was coming, as I wanted to take my baby for a walk. I rang several times but no answer. I couldn't even leave him a message. I also tried his landline. Same story. It is Tues afternoon and he still hasn't given me any life signs. Therefore, I don't recommend Artur at all: completely unreliable. Wasted my time, stood me up. I spent almost all Friday at home waiting for him... To all builders out there: if you regret accepting to do a small job and can't be bothered, at least call the person, tell him/her a white lie if you have to, but the worst thing you can do is disappear!!