Kitchen electrics - mainly plug sockets - Electrical job in Southampton, Hampshire

Job description

I need:
1 plug socket moved over slightly
1 light and light switch removed/capped
2 double sockets fitted in the lounge
1 single socket replaced for a double socket in the kitchen
1 electric oven plug
1 light switch moved from right side of door to the left.
I think it is about a day and a half work but I happy if you want to take a look at the job.

Would like a cash in hand quote as have to keep costs low. I can proved the sockets/light switches but not the wire.

There will be future work for the person chosen.


Feedback for HANTS_ELEC

The agreement was to pay him £90 for the first Saturday and then the rest the next Saturday. After he finish the first Saturday he bull@$*ed about how he'd done this and that and all he'd have to do was connect bits the next Saturday. He even said the cables were all in place in the loft but then he never returned any calls so I had to get another electrician in and it turns out that the wires in the loft were just sat up there and he'd barley done anything and I had to fork out another £300. After some investigating, I found that he doesn't work for Wooldridge Group like he says on his experience. They've never even heard of him!! I haven't heard a peep from him in 3 weeks. STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE AS HE IS NOT WHAT HE SAYS HE Is!!!!!!!!!!