Insulation to ground floor through crawl space - Insulation job in Bradford, West Yorkshire

Job description

Hello, I am the owner of a 1930's semi-detached house and the ground floor tends to be quite cold mainly due to the fact that there isn't any insulation installed under the floorboards. I have lifted one of the floorboards to inspect underneath and there is a crawl space of around a meter or so deep - an access opening will need to be cut out. I would like the whole of the underfloor to be insulated and I am open to discussions on the best method and materials to adopt. Quotes can be labour and materials or labour only. There are services such as radiator pipes in the crawl space and also a separating dwarf wall. I am actively looking to hire a tradesman to undertake the work asap.


Feedback for Insulation Direct Ltd.

Nathan and his friendly team came and completed the job without fuss and took photographs when all was done. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to have insulation fitted.