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Job description

Light fighting a to be changed. Sockets to be exchanged. Storage radiators to be replaced with electric. Electric shower replaced


Feedback for john harty electrician

John took electric heaters off and replaced the switches with sockets. I had a tradesman in to do some work the day after,he had to undo a socket plate to plaster behind it, and so far that socket was live and had been wired incorrectly. The actual screws holding on the plate were live. Luckily the tradesman checks electric sockets/switches prior to unscrewing them from the wall. I'm now going to have someone else check the other sockets

john harty electrician's reply:

Hi sorry customer wasn't happy I can assure you Skts were not live if they were they would have tripped fuses breakers with a direct fault all was checked an d tested before I left a strange customer indeed sour grapes !!!