70ft rear garden & front drive trim + fence removal - Landscape Gardening job in Hendon, North London

Job description

I have a 70 ft rear garden that is vastly overgrown and needs trimming back. The front drive is equally unruly and needs attention. There are also some old wooden fencing panels that need removing. I need this work done asap.

The property is Hendon NW4. A key needs to be collected from a different property in NW4 to gain access to the gate at the end of the terrace - the house is next door to the end of terrace. The grass, trimmings and old fencing need to be removed from the site.



My job was quite a large job that I needed to be done urgently - it was a 70ft jungle. Avni responded first to my request so was invited first to view (which he did the next morning) and quote. He completed the work within 3 days and did a very good job. I am very pleased I chose Avni. Recommended.