Kitchen extension - Extensions job in Bolton, Lancashire

Job description

Work required doing

Take down the conservatory. But reuse some of the windows and the doors. Build an extension where the conservatory was but also widen by 30 inches. The kitchen also to be widened by 30 inches. Kitchen and bathroom window to be replaced. A sunken support beam between the kitchen and extension. Roof to be retiled in keeping with the extension. Water meter under the sink to be moved. Plastering. All plumbing for the sink, washing machine and dishwasher. Old radiator to be removed and a new one relocated. Relocate electric plugs etc. (We are not having a new kitchen we intend to reuse the kitchen we have and will do that work ourself) We have planning permission.


Feedback for We build extensions limited

They have a great salesman. He is very helpful.

The actual work doesn't match.

The contract was to take ten weeks. We sacked the company after six months, with only had the bare external shell and roof, and none of the old walls removed or new internal work built.

We had up to six weeks at once with nobody on site.

Poor work included failure to fit the required steel beams into the wall, failure to fit air bricks, which when we complained were fitted into the outer leaf with no airway through the inner wall. We planned to refit an old door frame which was on site, but despite us telling the builders that the door aperture they made was too tall they still fitted it, so there is a three inch gap above the door frame. We have to order a new one to fit, at extra cost to ourselves. The builders have set the roof beams in the extension around five inches lower than the existing room ceiling so when the room is opened up there will be different ceiling heights. There are many other examples but space won't allow here.

In April the builder advised us that he had taken delivery of the steelwork, and that it was in store at his base. He wanted paying for this, which we did. We have never seen any steel, despite the fact that it should have been built into the walls months ago. We kept asking for it up to the point where we sacked the builder but nothing has ever been delivered. We are now working on legal options for reclaiming the money we paid for this.