Prepare foundations for a garage. - Groundwork & Foundations job in Canterbury, Kent

Job description

Require hard core to be acquired, laid and then concreted to an area of ground approx 18x11 in preparation for garage build, area already dug and 2 foot foundations already around perimeter which was going to be a two storey extention.


Feedback for R.T construction

One word COWBOY, did an awful job on my foundations to the point where I asked him to 'pull off the job' before permemant damage was done, I now have to pay someone again who knows what they are doing to do a proper job and put right the mess thats been created, photos to prove avoid at all costs.

Laid hardcore onto only 45% of the area, earth was not leveled, Breeze block in the hardcore, not broken up not wacked at all was going to concrete straight over grass!!!!!, would of had concrete of only an inch in thickness in places.

He may of been in the business 40 years but 40 years too long.
Thats my nan's inheritance money he has taken I am left with nothing.