Supporting pillars/ new window cill / door cut out - Bricklaying job in Perth, Perthshire

Job description

I'm looking for someone to do the following work:

- Install a new external slip cill. New window opening created and upvc window installed, but cill not put in yet. Window is on the ground floor, width of window put in 1000mm. Cill must be of same style as remainder of house to match.

- Cut out a hatch and install lintel for new under-floor door for basement access. We currently access our basement area using a hatch in a downstairs bedroom. Locking door also required for the new opening. Door opening required to be 850w x 900h mm.

- Build 2no structural pillars under floor (with suitable foundations) to support cripple studs. Height of pillars approx 1400mm each excluding foundations.

All areas affected should be made good if required with rendering/harling/etc.

* The following information was added Sunday, 4th January, 2009 :
Picures now uploaded for the type of cill required. Further picture also added for location of the basement door which is to be positioned in the magnolia area under the existing window.


Feedback for Shaw Builders

You always dread having workmen in, but Pete and Jo were great from start to finish. When other builders don't turn up, ignore your calls and make you loose confidence, it's great to come across people like these who do exactly as you'd hope. Pete's left a good job and at a good price, thanks!