Bathroom - new floorboards - Flooring job in Bedford, Bedfordshire

Job description

Hi. The floorboards in our bathroom are damp after flooding and leaking toilet. Mainly the damp is around the toilet. We are looking to get the floorboards replaced. Bathroom size (approx) 145cm (57") by 173cm (68"). Toilet near wall. Floorboards all around base of toilet. No preferred material and no specific skills (as long as I don't fall through it, I'll be happy). If anyone could advise as to how much it would cost, that would be brill. Cheers.


Feedback for phoenix construction

We went with Jay as we thought he had the best feedback and most competitive quote. He came out to see us when most people wouldn’t have and gave our bathroom a good going over. He spent a long time having a look and was very thorough. We found out that we have leaky pipes and dodgy walls, thanks to the previous owner’s own hands. However, Jay has been absolutely brilliant. He’s going to give our bathroom a make-over. We’ve even got him to quote for other jobs around the house that need doing. We would definitely recommend him.