Replace chainlink fencing - Fencing job in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Job description

PLEASE ONLY APPLY IF you have Ratings to do with Chainlink fencing.

To replace existing run of chainlink fence with heavy-duty green PVC covered chainlink and 2-3 concrete posts (to be concreted in). The run is approx 27m. The overgrown saplings will be removed as much as possible by us. The attached photographs show the site in question. There are mature trees on our side of the border with the field beyond.

* The following information was added Friday, 2nd January, 2009 :
The chainlink is to be 1.8m/6ft in height


Feedback for Ramsey fencing

Excellent standard of workmanship, attention to detail with due pragmatism and customer awareness. Paul's experience and knowledge in dealing with chainlink fencing construction is very clear. Happy to have further work carried out by him and his colleague.