Electrical certificate after re-wire required - Electrical job in Manchester, Lancashire

Job description

We've had a house refurbishement on a 2-bedroom terraced house, including a simple rewire with upgrde of RCD unit and spotlights fitted. Everything was done via a builder, so we saw the electrician but do not have his name or details.

The elctrician did a very good job and as far as we know he did do a final certificate, but we have had problems with the builder who has almost stopped working for us at one point after we overpaid him (and as far as we know we had also paid in full the elctrician at that point from what the builder told us).

We finally came to an agreement after he finished a few more things in the house last week, but still did not finish his full initial contracted work, and we agreed a final price which still saw us loosing out overall but was a fair agreement for everyone at that point. He promised he had left us the electrical certificate in the house, and we trusted him and paid him. He is now saying that he wants more money for the electrical certificate to be done... (and we think he went back to the house to get it or never had it done in the first place).

We would therefore like to get quotes for an electrician to come and give us an electric certificate as we do not want to deal with that builder anymore. Apologies for the long explanation but we know that tradesmen don't like finishing oither people's work and we don't want to be seen as the awkward customers, as we are not, we were just overly trusting.

The house is in New Moston, between Oldham and Manchester.

We will need an invoice too. Many thanks.


Feedback for as-electrics

Alan did a great job. He arrived on time and was very efficient and helpful whilst doing the job. All in all a good service and very easy to talk to. I would hope to use him again for future electrical jobs.