Damp treatment required - Damp Proofing job in Harrow, Middlesex

Job description

Semi-circular area of damp/crumbling plaster about 1 meter in diameter on the communal wall where chimney breast used to be. Wall needs to be treated and then made damp-proof.

Would appreciate a quote and also some idea of how you would carry out the work (from what I've described as the problem).

  • Added 5th August, 2010 : What appears to be required is:

remove the skirting board -remove the plaster 2.5m x 1.5m up -inject a dpc 2.5 metres across (perhaps using using a DryWall Silane Diffusion system, or something similar) -apply damp-killing chemicals to the exposed brickwork -put in a liguid foil membrane or something similar onto the brickwork -and replastering with a salt-retardant plaster (repainting not required)

I would expect to be invoiced separately for materials required (which I understand can be pricey) and labour.

Some sort of recognised certificate guaranteeing the work would also be appreciated.


Feedback for dryzone

Lovely bloke is Chris - very friendly, professional, punctual. And looks like he's done a great little job on my wall (very clean too, hardly knew he'd been when I got back from work).

Of course, with damp-proofing, the proof of the pudding (as it were) only becomes apparent when/if the damp don't creep back through the wall in a year or two, so can't vouch for that yet.

Everything else though: thumbs up!