External plaster of bungalow - Plastering job in Redhill, Surrey

Job description

I have a bungalow which isn't in bad condition, but does have some bad cracks and damage.

Also, two windows have been filled in with new plaster.

What I need is for someone to come and dig out the existing cracks, fill in the parts already dug out for the drop bead no longer required, repair, then scratch up the whole renderd part and put a coloured finish coat on.

There is one area which will need filling with 3 bricks first. Also, there is a recess under ne wpatio doors which will need plastering also.

The site is empty and clean and has just had paving fitted all the way around the outside. This must be kept clean and protected.

No one seems to want to come and quote for this work. I am very fussy, so be aware that I want a professional finish so will only be paying for one; the whole house has been renovated to a high standard and this will be the icing on the cake, so I expect it to be of high quality. Please be aware I would not shy away from asking you to do it again if it is not up to scratch. Therefore, please take this into account when you quote for the work. It simply has to be excellent and I understand this may take you a little longer.

Size of the bungalow is standard height, 10m depth, 7m width. It is completely accessible save for pipework.

The site can be accessed without me there, so leave a message where I can email the address. I am away on business so will email you all details, please do the same when quoting etc. Work to start, 16th August if possible.

  • Added 2nd August, 2010 : I believe the whole coat is faulty. I like it all removed, as much as possible, and started again. I think a lot of the plaster is blown, so that will have to be hacked off and the cracks really dug out. Then, I'd like a base coat of SBR slurry, I'd like that brushed over the whole house. Admittedly dirty and tirsome work, but I think it's the only way it will allow a scratch coat to take. Whilst this is still wet, please apply a scratch coat of render with waterproofing admix in the backing coat. Then the finish coat/top coat can be applied.

This is the way I would like the job to be undertaken: Knock off existing blown plaster Cracks dug out Sbr slurry coat applied Scratch coat Finish coat


Feedback for Eds Builder

Genuinely unhappy with Ibrahim. No doubt there will be an excuse levelled, but we agreed for him to hack off ALL the old render and re render in two coats, including scratch coat. He even discussed this with the builder renovating the interior and told my builder, he’d HAVE to knock off all the old plaster in order to do a proper job, which my builder knew. I told Ibrahim I would be away during the work, so asked my builder to watch over the work. He started on Monday and started to simply angle grind all of the old plaster in order, I guess, to create an old scratch coat, which he would have plastered. My builder called me to put this across, and I called Ibrahim who effectively denied saying he would take off all the old plaster, despite quoting extra to do this very same work. I asked Ibrahim to stop the work and not to come back on site. Now I have a heavily scarred bungalow.

I obviously cannot be certain, but I am starting to think Ibrahim used me being away to try and bodge the job. Caveat emptor…