Install some lead flashing & repair soffit end cap - Roofing job in Corby, Northamptonshire

Job description

2 problems: 1. Front side of the house, it looks like the bottom right tile is missing but I've been told there should be some lead flashing here that drips into the gutter. I've had an on-going problem with damp/black patches in the house which I've had re-decorated but it's all come back again. I think the water is getting in here. 2. Similar problem regard damp as the front of the house but on the rear left hand bottom corner the soffit end cap has become dislodged and requires repairing securely. I believe this is where water is getting in. 3. After all this has been done I'll need the affected rooms/areas re-decorated so if you do that too, the whole job could be yours. I must stress though it's 2 bedrooms, lounge and kitchen that'd need re-decorating and only about 20% of each room at that. House is in Corby, Northants, I can only personally meet to arrange quote early evenings/weekends.

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I can highly recommend Phoenix Construction for any projects you have. The team are able to adapt to the job as they go along, keep you well informed and carry out the work to a very high standard. Thanks once again Jay for a job very well done, all the best.