Kitchen fitting - Kitchen Fitting job in Northampton, Northamptonshire

Job description

Kitchen has been newly plastered and painted but now needs fitting. Need to fit 5 new Howdens units and replacing doors on 5 old units, move the sink to the left a few inches and then install the worktop and breakfast bar (laminate wood) and a new tap. As well as fit a vinyl floor of approx 25m2 on a newly levelled and concreted floor.

We are actively looking for a kitchen fitter capable of doing this job.


Feedback for Priors Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Agreed cost of fitting the kitchen was done on the number of hours Neil felt it would take to complete. The scope did not change, but when he went over the time he estimated to complete it he started to get aggressive and refused to return to complete. Fitting of kitchen cupboards and work surface was to a good standard, however the fitting of the flooring was not adequate at all. It started to come up at the edges within a few months of laying, Neil was rude and aggressive to my wife, I was away with work and my uncle had to go round to ensure that my wife felt safe. Neil left the job unfinished. I would not recommend.

Priors Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms's reply:

Three years is a long time to remember clearly, but according to the email from Mr Matts prior to our finishing the job, he was happy with our work, and the extra effort we had put in sorting out the errors made by the kitchen supplier [two trips to pick up and return faulty and damaged goods].
This email also confirmed he would pay us once the last few outstanding odds and ends were completed.
We finished the job, were paid on completion, and within the 5-6 days we quoted.

At no time was Neil abusive to Mrs Matts. Neil`s wife, Angie, of whom there is no mention, was there most of the time and can corroborate that.

As far as we can remember, we only saw the Uncle a couple of times, briefly. Once, when the plumber turned up to fit a radiator in the kitchen, and then again when were drilling a hole for the extractor.

We were not contacted about any problems with the flooring at any point. If we had been, we would have gone back and sorted them out.