New downstairs toilet and small washbasin - Plumbing job in Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Job description

House is 2 bedroom semi with bathroom upstairs. Has small entrance hall leading left to stairs and right to lounge/diner.

Ahead is wall, directly behind is long inner brick storage room just wider than a door width. This is more than long enough for this second toilet and small washbasin.

Directly behind the rear end of this room is the kitchen and directly behind is the waste soil pipe. Estimated distance from toilet to external waste pipe is 3 metres.

The end of the storage room holds the modern electricity trip box and mains supply. There is presently a ceiling light which is in right place. Needs last metre of rear of storage room pannelled. This would provide that space to still house present electicity supply/trips. This storage room already has door leading from rear porch into rear of this storage room. After blocking off this door is already in right place.


* The following information was added Monday, 29th December, 2008 :
The ground floor is concrete, therefore I am happy to have a Saniflo macerator toilet with smaller waste pipes. There is a metre fall from the ground floor of proposed toilet to ground floor of external waste. As it will be an internal room I need an extractor fan.

* The following information was added Monday, 29th December, 2008 :
The hall radiator is presently on wall (which needs partially removing to put proposed toilet door), therefore radiator needs moving 2 metres to left (running along floorboard above and down).

* The following information was added Monday, 29th December, 2008 :
The exterior waste soil pipe is not plastic, it is iron metal.


Feedback for Karytha Limited

Mr Sandu Morar
Karytha Ltd

12th January 2009

Re building and installing new downstairs toilet (Saniflo)

Dear Sandu

Firstly, may I say thank you very much for a very good job, of doing a very difficult new toilet, drilling under/across stone kitlchen floor.

I am totally pleased and your work was absolutely perfect and you always left things clean and tidy. You made the very minimum of disruption and minimum need for redecoration. You were also very reliable and kept me updated with what was happening and communicated well throughout.

Thank you so much again

Jeana Hallas