Asphalt coming off and needs repair / replacement - Roofing (Pitched) job in West Kensington, West London

Job description

there is asphalt on the roof of a top floor extension, which has come unstuck. it needs either replacing or repairing. Potentially damage has been caused by the wood underneath being exposed, which may also need repair. the affected area is c. 2m x 3m. Our house is terraced. The roof is 4 storeys from the ground so will need scaffolding to access. I am actively looking to hire a tradesman, but will be guided by indicative price (recognising it will be hard to give any accurate price until on the roof)


Feedback for Vintage Property Solutions UK LTD

I really liked Martin. Clear, professional and very knowledgable, I have great confidence in him and the team. The work has been completed quickly, and everything has been cleared up neatly.