Potterton back boiler blockage in circuit? - Central Heating job in Barnsley, South Yorkshire

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Over the last few weeks we have been getting a lower and lower temperature of our hot water, until it is now barely tepid. However, the radiators are perfectly hot and seem to run very well. We moved here 3 years ago and we have not touched the system at all. The hot water feed entering the tank is very hot, but the tank is cold, as is the cold feed out. Both motor valves work, you can see the switches moving over. When you remove the central screw from the pump, the water hardly comes out at all, I understand it should be pouring out. I have also bled the radiators, and changed the tank stat. I have also asked for advice online and this is what I was told: http://www.diynot.com/diy/threads/potterton-back-boiler-has-hot-radiators-but-no-hot-water.434037/ The general consensus seems to be that there is a blocked pipe or tank which needs to be sorted. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.


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We had no hot water, the first heating engineer felt it was a blockage, but he said that by the time he had found it, we would be better off just fitting a new boiler and power flushing the system. Total bill £3-3,500.

Steve spent a while assessing the problem and found a blocked pipe. Total bill £65. We had hot water that evening, it was great. You don't know how much you miss it until you get it back.

He was clean, efficient and very polite. I know nothing about plumbing, but he explained it to us and consulted us all the way through.

We felt he was very thorough, and we will call on his services next time we need a plumber, or a heating engineer.