Fit kitchen worktop - Kitchen Fitting job in Chathill, Northumberland

Job description

Need someone with previous experience to fit a laminate workbench to (just delivered, about-to-be) newly-assembled kitchen-units. Requires 2x mitred 45deg joints, approx 2m along each wall edge, U-shaped configuration. Will supply benchtops / clamp-bolts / adhesive. Location actually 15 miles north of Alnwick (nearest large town). Thanks

* The following information was added Saturday, 13th December, 2008 :
Should have clarified - the workbenches are just to be mitred & fixed to wall/bases, <no> kitchen-sink cutouts needed at this stage - continuing to use old belfast sink at opposite end of kitchen for now (needs assorted piping etc boxing in first) - separate job. Just 3x benches mitred/joined/fixed for now


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John offered good advice even before hiring, was punctual in arriving and carried out a good job once here.