Fit a kitchen - Kitchen Fitting job in Manchester, Lancashire

Job description

I need an oak kitchen fitting. There are ten units (Top and Bottom) including sink and a built in electric oven and gas hob with extractor fan. If anymore information is needed please email me. I would like the job to begin Monday the 12th of Jan.


Feedback for gc fittings

Sounded like he knew what he was talking about. Everyday he would find something wrong even though I had checked the kitchen, then he would go saying he couldnt do anything else for the rest of the day. Then he became 'ill' and the job was dragged out over three weeks. Finally he collected his tools and left us with a note in the kitchen saying 'good luck' with the job half done. We have had to get another kitchen fitter and the cock ups are endless. He took two hundred pounds off us for materials we never saw. A lot of things just dont add up. But a kitchen of our size should only take max 3 days to fit and he was there for three weeks. I dont think he ever did a full days work. Comes across as very helpful without anything actually getting done. He kept complaining about the kitchen we ordered but to be honest these problems could easily be solved. He ruined the kitchen!! My advice is steer clear. He made a simple job hard work. and my kitchen is never going to look right.