Rewire the house - Electrical job in Morden, Surrey

Job description

Items are listed below. We need a price per item (labour and materials quoted separately), all prices excluding VAT.

1 Rewiring all the 11 lights (costumer supplied) in the house, with 12 switches
2 Fit double RCD (Residual Current Device) protected consumer unit, test, inspect and certify
3 "Option: possible to fit up a consumer unit which is RCD protected on each circuits, instead of having RCD protecting 3-5 circuits, this way if there is an earth fault on any of the circuit, than only that circuit would cut off. To do this
I would use RCBO (RCD – MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker))"
4 "Option for having the 4 wall lights wired up upstairs on the lighting circuit,
without switch (because the units have switches)"
5 "Fix up the cooker switch, 2 double socket and a spur in the kitchen, with
wiring them where needed – not supplying the cooker switch"
6 Fit main earth on the gas pipe from the consumer unit
7 Earth main water pipe.


Feedback for Merlin Electrics

A true professional!!! Experience, knowledgeable, reliable, realistic, and very very tidy! We could not have wished for a better electrician to come and do the job. Kieran answered all of our questions and ,most importantly, was able to advise us how to do things better and safer, exactly what you would need from an electrician Once we discussed all the options all was done to our complete satisfaction. We now consider Kieran 'our electrician' and would recommend him highly.