Upgrade heating system - investigate and cure problems - Gas Work job in Newton Abbot, Devon

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Feedback for cosy homes

Scott was VERY keen to take on our refurbishment to an old 'back-ground' heating system and bring it up to 21Century specifications.

A house full of various trades on Monday was day one of the project. With the kitchen stripped down, thanks to Mark Booth and team at Booth Kitchens, Scot was left to progress works. By Monday afternoon the boiler was on the wall and the work-site left clean and tidy.

A concern that the existing system was not quite up to a know standard left me wondering what I would come home to on Tuesday evening. In the event everything dropped into place and we had a fully working hot water circuit and heating system.

Scott returned this morning to finish a few remaining items and extract payment. All in all a good couple of days hard work and near disaster averted...the old DHW tank was about to split!

Downside? NO insulation in the boiler out building and the pipes are pitched slightly too close to retrofit suitable lagging so I am now heating a space and wasting energy. Similarly pipes under kitchen cupboards are bare.

The bathroom shower works fine, the heat gain of the combi boiler is not quite the level I was promised. BUT I have a warm/hot bathroom now, so there's a plus to offset the minor negative.

Would I recommend Scott for similar work? Yes
Should you employ him for your refurbishment? Yes