2 meters x 4 meters shed and 55 square meters of paving - Landscaping job in Norbury, South London

Job description

2 meters x 4 meters block garden shed.And approx 55 square meters of paving altogether. The garden has to be slightly level first before the work can begin.And the neighbours fence taken off in order to render the outside walls and put back again.The existing wooden shed has to be disassembled as well. Height of the shed has to be less than 2.5 meters. The shed from outside have to be rendered from all four sides. With a upvc front double door and two long windows with two openings at the top. The door will only provided the rest will be yours.The roof will be pitched with fibre glass and guttering where ever needed.Outside there will be two lamp lights on each side of the door and one night vision light.inside of the shed the wall will be plastered and concrete floor with two celling lights and four double wall sockets in four corners with skirting.The electricity has to be taken to the shed from the fuse box on the side of the house and safety electrical certificate issued.And a night vision light also provided at the side of the house. PAVING at the back is 24 meters. Slabs will be provided, rest will be your. A water channel will have to be laid in front of the conservatory and a pipe laid connecting the channel rain water to the main drain. The drain has to be laid when the foundation of the conservatory is going on...so you will have to coordinate with the conservatory people. Approx 10 meters side paving with a step made for the conservatory door. Front paving appox 21 meters with a step made at the front door. All rubbish will be removed and disposed by you. Conservatory work starting 19th May. note: Side door in the picture is not applicable in my case. the picture is to give you a rough idea. Note: The foundation of the shed has to be at least 600mm or more.

  • Added 8th April, 2015 : Budget under £12000.

  • Added 8th April, 2015 : Referring to the Night vision light means, I want sensor Lights instead please.