Towel rail and trv's - Plumbing job in Swadlincote, Derbyshire

Job description

I would like a quote for the following work to be completed asap.

1) To replace an existing radiator with a towel rail / radiator. This will involve modyfing the heating pipes and fitting the radiator and valves.

The new towel rail has the same centres for the inlet and outlet as the old radiator, however the central heating pipes will need extending approx 1 inch to acomodate the extra depth of the towl rail.

2)Replace 5 of the existing radiator valves with TRV valves and lockshields .

3) Refill the heating system and add anti corrosion additive.

I will purchase the towel rail and TRV and lockshields and aditive. Tradesman to supply any odd bits of pipe.

The sytem is a 10mm microbore system gravity fed. Approx 12 years old.

Only qualified plumbers to quote.

  • The following information was added Sunday, 7th December, 2008 : Have decided we need 7 TRVs fitted, including the one fitted in the bathroom.

I am happy to remove the radiators (leaving the valves in place)if this helps to cut the cost.


Feedback for Jacksons Plumbing Services

fitted towel rail, wasnt level, all trvs leaked causing damage to carpets etc.
i have informed trading standards.
this chap hasnt got a clue

Jacksons Plumbing Services's reply:

I am surprised and concerned on this feedback,as the work was carried out 2 years ago and this is the first I have heard of any problems. When I left the customer was happy with the work.