Renew piping on 2 g/f rads - Plumbing job in Melksham, Wiltshire

Job description

I havea g/f vented CH system . Semi detached house, 9 rads in all. 14 yrs ago sysme was extended. Original it was all conventional bore. Then 2 rad fitted in extension: microbore piping fitting. Now there are blockages I cannot shift with draining/flushing.
I want to replace the pipework, perhasp extend off old system on G/f. May need some holes (x2) drilled through walls. . Needs to be inspected. Boiler is fine


Feedback for S.W Plumbing

James is a very careful tidy plumber and very patiently diagnosed our problems and did the job he quoted for & stuck to it. He was a hard worker and nothing was too much trouble. He stayed on the job until it was done and the system was properly working.
He put down dust covers, cleaned up afterwards, filled holes and repaired disturbed plaster. We have 2 small dogs who were really good with him around. I would definitely recommend him to others.
He does not charge extra to come back and do some checks to make sure you are satisfied.