Removal of 2 wooden garden sheds (and contents of 1) - Demolition & Clearing job in Witham, Essex

Job description

I'm looking to have 2 old rotten wooden sheds, removed from my back garden. The sheds have been left from the previous owners of my house and I have not even ventured in one of the sheds!! One has some rubbish left from the previous owners, and I have put some old rotten wood in there from an old pergola that I removed, plus branch cuttings from trees that have been removed from my property. I am hoping to have the contents and both sheds removed please, as well as dead ivy that is on top of the sheds (I have killed off the plant at the trunk.) They may also possibly have asbestos roofing - but I am not sure. On further investigation of the area behind the sheds, it would also appear that the previous owners have left a pile of bricks so I would like these removed also. The only issue (not that I mind!) is that there is no rear access to my property for a vehicle, and so the rubbish would have to be taken through the house. There is waste ground behind my property but a vehicle cannot access. But I have no major concerns over the rubbish being taken through the house. Measurements are both sheds side by side length of 12.5 ft and width of 4.5ft.


Feedback for L.McCarthy electrical 24hr

Lewis and his team did a brilliant job, turned up early, and cracked on! Everything was cleared up and they made it all look very easy!! Can't thank Lewis enough and strongly recommend his work!!! Thanks a million!!