Bathroom refit - Bathroom Fitting job in Cheadle, Cheshire

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Feedback for G.D.R. CONSTRUCTION

Said it was a 7 day job. After 7 days he still had not fitted the tiles completely. Did a very shoddy job doing the tiling, installed broken tiles thinking I would not see it. Used excessive amount of tiles unnecessarily and mismatched the tiles even though I asked him not to use those ones. He deliberately ignored my instructions. At the end of 7 days I asked him not to return to work. Now getting someone else to repair his mistakes and finish the bathroom.

He agreed to do the job and then payment would be done after completion. Two days into the job he was demanding money! I ended up paying almost half the money just so that he would continue working.

Does not have a business card nor anything else official. Started the job without correct equipment, he had to borrow extension leads from me! I had to go out twice to buy him materials, he justified this by saying that it would be deducted from his price! It was that or all work stalling.

When we agreed the contract, said he could do everything, 2 days into the job he started saying he couldn't fit the toilet where we had agreed, meaning that I had to go and buy a new toilet incurring further expense and ruining the bathroom plans. He was very untidy, did not use dust sheets until I asked him to, by then my carpets were ruined and I had dust everywhere.

The quote included all materials, yet he still demanded that I buy materials for him! That was the final straw and I told him not to come back. Two leaks occurred whilst he was working, he did not put any buckets under the leak nor did he clean it up. Cut tiles in my garage without using dust sheets, unbelieveable amount of dust and dirt there now which he did not clean up.

Did not want to talk about the work and lack of progress, resented me asking any questions. Turned up late for work every single day. A horrendous experience and one which I would not want anyone else to use.

Hope this is useful and it is all true. I have sent him 2 letters by post informing him of all the above problems and I am sending him another today asking him for details of his liability insurance so that I can make a claim on it for compensation and damage to property.

Please contact me if you need any further information.

Thank you.


A very difficult customer not taking advice and leaving untrue feedback only when we couldn't agree the way forward. Customer changed job specifics several times once work had commenced and became difficult to work with.