Multiple jobs - patio, kitchen, bathroom & extension - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Bexleyheath, Kent

Job description

Hi, I'm looking for someone who can quote me on patio flooring, kitchen wall build and bathroom fitting. Also a quote on rendering the extension. Obviously we only have so much money so we will prioritise what needs to be done/removed depending on costs.

We have recently removed the decking and we are looking into laying concrete/stone slabs.

We are also looking to remove the door located on the side wall in the kitchen which leads to side of the patio. We want to increase the size of the window to bring more light in and build a kitchen wall to add dishwasher, washing machine etc.

We are also looking for a quote on the bathroom. We want to move the bath and toilet and to give the bathroom a makeover i.e. new bath, tiles and possibly improve the flooring.




Feedback for M2 Groundworks & Building Solutions

The bathroom is fantastic, couldn't be happier. His friend Paul deserves a lot of credit. The kitchen is ok, we had new worktops and sink put in place but the pipe under the sink is still prone to the odd leak under the kitchen sink. However we've had nothing but issues with the patio. The surface is uneven, so you can still stub your toe in places. The pointing is so so and the spacing is ok at best, but the biggest issue is the drainage. It was supposed to be channeled towards the drain, but the rain fails to flow down towards the drain. It sits creating a pool. The patio goes down and then goes up slightly. Mark tried to fix this in the Summer but it's still not right. I thought about leaving it as it is but when that downpour came down over a week ago I was just so annoyed. This is not what we paid for. We paid a lot of money for this project and we can't afford to get it fixed by a professional patio fitter. I've texted Mark about this and I've not heard from him for over a week, with the photos I took of the water collected on the patio.

Mark is a very approachable guy, very nice and works very hard. I just wish he could fix this problem. The thing is the patio is such a big job, but I guess the idea of resurfacing a patio they already done would fill them with dread. I fear we are left with a patio that is not to the standard we paid for.



M2 Groundworks & Building Solutions's reply:

As a tradesman with a perfect 100% feedback over 23 jobs I would not like to damage this valued client reference tool I have assured him I will rectify the drainage problem that has occurred, obviously during the summer installation this situation has not reared its ugly head until the deluge we have suffered the past few days
I have assured him I will rectify and resolve his problems as soon as possible he is happy that i have contacted him and agreed to fix the problems and he has agreed he will retract this negative feedback once resolved
Please be aware any future clients who read this mistakes happen sometimes its the way they get dealt with that matters and this negative feedback will be removed I can assure you