Gable end of an end of terrace house - Plastering job in Neath, West Glamorgan

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Feedback for jcj building contractors

Overall, I have to say I am pleased with the finish, it looks excellent. However, the workmen did not cover up the external wall whilst it was being re-rendered, so when it rained, all the cement fell off the wall, so they had to come back and re-do the job when it should have been left to dry. The job only took 5 days, but I felt it was a bit rushed, as I thought that a day or so was needed to allow each coat of cement/sand to dry out. As the first layer had to be re-done, the workmen did not leave a day between applying coats. Anyway, it's been 7 months and so far so good. It looks lovely and it seems to be doing the job, ie keeping the rain out!