Bathroom refurb - Bathroom Fitting job in Lower Edmonton, North London

Job description

Small bathroom 174cm(l) x 195cm(w) x 248cm(h)

Remove existing wall tiles (it's fully tiled floor to ceiling), fit a new bath, fit vanity unit that also consists of sink & toilet, to re-tile the whole bathroom, plaster the ceiling and fit spotlights, new tiled floor and towel radiator.


Feedback for Newland Development Consultants

After impressing us with a lot of talk about a dedicated project manager being assigned to our project, I hired Shah’s Peace of Mind aka NDC to initially refurbish our bathroom. Prior to starting the bathroom, I offered them an additional job to remove the wallpaper and skim and paint the walls of our hallway, stairs & landing. Also to box in the boiler and to make good the wall where an old fireplace was. We agreed on a fee for this work and set a start date.

Alarm bells rang when on the first day, when they turned up asking to borrow my stepladder, screwdriver and an extension lead for their steamer. I found it strange that these tradesmen didn’t have their own equipment.
The next day, unbeknown to me they used my stepladder again to do the plastering and got it absolutely covered. It now resembles a builder’s stepladder!!
They also used our dustpan & brush and hoover to clear up afterwards, getting plaster all over these too (not to mention the plaster they got all over the landing carpet!). Most weird of all, they somehow managed to break our kettle.

Timekeeping was a real problem for these guys too. Despite agreeing to be at our house for 08:30 each morning, which is when we left for work, they managed it only twice. I found myself taking time off work so I could let them in. They always turned up between 09:30 – 10:30.
As for their work, the plasterer did a good job but was not very tidy. He also made a strange decision to plaster our telephone cable to the wall. The painter did not remove the spilt plaster from the banisters or from door frames before painting, he just painted over it, which is really lazy. He also did not even finish painting, leaving the hallway incomplete and dado rail undone. We reluctantly had to finish the painting ourselves.

The so-called carpenter who boxed in our boiler did such a bad job that it needs to be totally removed and redone. It is the work of an amateur, a complete bodge job, which looks disastrous. In a phone call to Shah (the boss) he told me he would get someone else to redo do the job. I haven’t heard from him or his ‘Project Manager’ or any of their workmen since.

Our job, which Shah said would take 5 days, was still not complete 2 weeks later. I have since hired another builder to do the fireplace and will also have to find a carpenter to box in the boiler properly.

After coming across as a really professional outfit, I have to say that from my experience, Peace of Mind aka NDC are anything but and make promises they cannot keep. After paying an initial £150 deposit for materials, they said the balance would not have to be paid until completion but then kept asking for money for more materials and to pay their workers. In total, we paid them £450 out of £635.

Whilst it would be unfair to say they’re a bad company, what I can say is that hiring them was a very regrettable experience.

My bathroom will now be done by someone else.