Repair to flat garage and store room roof. - Roofing (Flat) job in Reading, Berkshire

Job description

  • Repair flat roof
  • Repair garage, extension, or part of the house roof
  • Note: Customer owns the property

Customer description

The flat roof is a garage to the side of my house. It is attached to a neighbours garage at the front. My roof extends across a store room half the size of garage. There looks to be a leak in garage where it attaches to the store room. The other side of this would be my lounge. I am hoping that it can be repaired before it causes any substantial damage.


Feedback for CRS Complete Roofing Solutions

Lee responded promptly to all communications.
He shared photos of the extent of work required and discussed what was needed.
He was easy to work with and completed the work as agreed.
He was a clean and tidy worker.
He was respectful of property.
Lee took and shared pictures when the work was completed .
Payment was a simple process.