Extension - Extensions job in Reading, Berkshire

Job description

build an extension on the side of a house, c/w cloackroom and shower. Rough plan completed. Also looking at loft insulation, boarding and fitted loft ladder (may need a larger opening or possibly opening moved) Roof repair ('concrete' which the end tiles site on, have photo to send) High Gain Areal fitted and wired into loft


Feedback for paul69

About the kindest words we can find are Paul Hillan is an unreliable, inept, incompetent Cowboy.

He wasn't a member of any building federation as he said he was. Those he employed thought he was a member & also believe he was insured.
Our solicitors have asked numerous times for insurance details for the damaged caused by Paul, along with recompense for money given for work not rendered as well as money to put right work not completed correctly. As no insurance details have been forthcoming, we can only assume he was not insured.

As Paul appears to have no assets and several CCJ’s, we will not be taking the matter to court as we strongly believe we will be throwing good money after bad.

We have an 8 page building survey report detailing the incompetence of Paul’s work from
Replacement roof needed, poor brickwork, Atrocious plumbing (literally all of it leaks), Electrics left unfinished, First Floor Window had a steel put in it to act as a lintel. Totally incorrectly fitted.

There is also the matter of what we consider to be theft of a bathroom unit.

We will also be notifying Cowboy Builders, My Hammer, Watchdog, Which, Trading Standards and Inland Revenue (we have our suspicions due to payments made which appear to of been forgotten which makes us question his book keeping).