Rebuilding a window into a cellar exterior wall - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Rochdale, Lancashire

Job description

A previous cellar window had been bricked up years ago. The cellar gets a bit damp, and we would like to have the window rebuilt in, using a double glazed unit, to allow sunshine in and dry out the area better. The approx. sizing of the window opening would be 45" x 50" but as it is a 130 yr old victorian house, the walls are thick, and the external part is stone. The cellar ceiling would need to be supported at the window frame, and some exterior work needs doing to enable light and air in but not rainwater. Next door's house still has a window, so it is workable somehow. We are happy for work to start as soon as practical.


Feedback for AJ Plastering & Building Services

Disappointingly, the window can't be used properly, since it is so heavy, once we open it, it drops down on itself and then is impossible for me to lift back up enough to get it closed. Also, the finish on the sill left a lot to be desired. We did get back to Andy who said he'd come with some gadget or other to use like a wedge to get it closed, but he never did.
sorry to have to leave such feedback for our first use of this site.

AJ Plastering & Building Services's reply:

The job was to fit lintel and new window in the cellar which is used purely for storage. The customer requested the size of window fitted and it opened/closed fine when I fit it. I did suggest I would go over and have a look at it and sent messages on this site but got no reply. Strange that since July 2010 it has taken customer until 4th November 2011 to do anything about it and leave feedback!

This has really annoyed me as my work is first class and always receive good feedback!!!!!!