New build dormer bungalow rural location greenfield - Architecture job in Dulas, Gwynedd

Job description

To design a three bedroomed dormer bungalow in a scenic rural hamlet location on the isle of Anglesey. The house should tip it's hat to traditional style but be modern and stylish. Outline planning permission in place. Probable builder also identified. Build Budget £80 000.


Feedback for GBS Design Services

It is no exaggeration to say that fate smiled on us when we hired Geoff to design our self build dormer cottage in Anglesey North Wales. The arrangement was that he would design the house and grounds and deal with planning matters relating to the full planning consent. I had already bought the plot with outline permission on it and we expected no problems . We met several times over the next couple of months and when Geoff presented the plans to my partner and I we were overjoyed. It was exactly what we envisaged. The plan was to submit these plans for approval and commence the build in July 2015 but this was not to happen. Unfortunately and unknown to me the outline planning permission had been granted under Welsh Government Executive powers during a period when the Anglesey Planning Committee was suspended for maladministration. Just Google "Anglesey Council Corruption" to see what we were inadvertently up against. To cut the story short, we faced a very nasty bunch of Sinn Fein style far right Nationalist Councillors who had control of the council and were determined to block my planning permission and then delay it until it expired. We had a horrible experience with these buffoons over the next twelve months and Geoff stood by us through thick and thin. We eventually won the appeal and built the house. If it was not for Geoff's professionalism, support and common decency I think I would have lost my life savings to these people. He is an ethical and thoroughly decent man.