Bathroom refurb in turnpike lane n8 - Plumbing job in Hornsey, North London

Job description

Job description no longer available


Feedback for Polteam

Well intentioned but really hard work at times. Gave them the job of refurbishing a bathroom and more. The work was appalling and I had to keep attending to inspect and point things out to them. I asked them to do items of work which they would say had been done on the phone only for me to arrive and find out they had not been done at all.
We tried to be more than accommodating however we could not possibly recommend them.

Polteam's reply:

ur company is a total scum during the period that we spend on your so called profesional company we have seen u rip off 2 other builders we did the work for you from reused materials so how come u expect to have the hihgest standard possible. u havent payed us a penny and you are sued for 3000 pounds and want to make our life on this site harder.