Wall skimming, lining paper & paint in a few rooms - Painting & Decorating job in Bolton, Lancashire

Job description

Just wondered if anyone is interested in sorting my walls out (i need to get this done before my floor goes down (see other job listing)).

I have steamed the paper off the walls in 3 rooms and they are generally in really good nick. there are a few bits here and there that need going over and smoothing etc, bit of sealant needs doing round the windows, and I am looking at getting the walls smooth enough to paint on, preferably by putting lining paper down.

I could do with being quoted on the walls being painted once done too.

Once Ive saved up some more pennies, I could use nearly all of upstairs to be done too, but thats a bit down the line yet, so if the person who gets this job does a good job, they will be welcome to do upstairs if they are interested.

Sorry to ramble on, hope the job is clear. If anyone wants to come and have a mooch first to see whats involved, feel free to get in touch

* The following information was added Sunday, 23rd November, 2008 :
** Quick note ** I'm causing confusion and quite a few people are telling me that I don't need lining paper done once it has been skimmed.
So basically we'll go with what everyone's saying - walls to be skimmed and painted.

* The following information was added Monday, 24th November, 2008 :
Hi sorry to be a complete tool. There are two rooms not three, and apparently skimming means doing every single wall, and in this place i think it's more like a few bits here and there need filling and smoothing so the wall can be painted without seeing grooves everywhere etc.

Sorry to be a pain


Feedback for markjuk

What a guy. Great job, really pleased. Gets the missus off my back now that the place looks the way she wants it!

Other than that, a trusted guy, id feel confident in letting Mark crack on with stuff knowing that the job will be spot on.

See you next year mark to do the 2 upstairs bedrooms bud.