3 shelves to be fitted into a recess - Handyman job in Tadley, Hampshire

Job description

I would like three shelves to be fitted (approximately 7 ft long) into a recess. Ideally the wood would be quite decent (e.g. beech effect rather than white laminate). Please could you quote for purchase and supply of materials as well as labour as I only have a small car and don't know the area very well, so don't know where to order supplies!


Feedback for Z&S Services

I was very disappointed with the work done by Simon. I hired him to fit three shelves and marked on the wall the position of the lowest shelf. Instead of fitting shelves, he create a sort of DIY bookcase which he fixed to the wall. This was at least a foot lower than the height I had indicated, meaning I can not fit my desk in the desired position. One of the shelves is 4 inches higher at the left than at the right, and the overall workmanship is very shoddy, with short bits of wood added to strengthen the structure. It looks very amateur. I believe I could have done better myself

Z&S Services's reply:

Yes that's right I did make a book shelf, but asked you beforehand if it's ok, you did confirm, because you did not want to pay £120 for brackets, and for the special wood you wanted, I showed you the end result. And you said it was good,if it was that bad why has it taken you this long, the shelfing would not of held all the weight of your books, as it is only plasterboard walls, if you phone me I would be more than happy to rectify