Wallpaper a feature wall - Painting & Decorating job in Tooting, South London

Job description

Hi, we need someone to hang Superfresco patterned wallpaper on top of a previously lined (& painted) wall in a bedroom.

Will take 3 rolls. No windows or doors to cut around.

Preferably before Christmas.

Anyone available?

  • Added 21st December, 2014 : Due to late finishing building work, the "preferably before Christmas" may have to be extended to "before the New Year".


Feedback for arvi's painting - decorating

The positive: Arvi was flexible with the start date/time and came with his own tools. He was polite and tidy. He came on time and kept to budget.

However, I am really disappointed with the wall papering today. It was a large damask pattern (silver & pink) which Arvi had trouble matching up in places - I spotted this and new strips were applied. I also spotted some gaps and he tried to readjust the paper by pushing it along. He did try hard at this. By the time he was ready to leave, the paper was practically set & wouldn't budge without tearing. I hoped for the best.

The negative: The trouble is, upon entering the room later, there are gaps between every roll of paper and the white paint beneath can clearly be seen. I'm gutted.

I cannot testify to Arvi's painting skills as he didn't paint anything for us. Painting maybe his forte. This wallpaper definitely isn't and will cost us dearly to rectify.

I'm not in the habit of slandering people online but this is the truth. He came, was polite, did the job and we are disappointed.