Back room lintel and screed - New Builds job in Enfield, Middlesex

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Feedback for JFPBUILDERS

These builders are basically liars.

They never showed their insurance, even though we held back some payment for them to show it to us. The same applies to their claim that they are CORGI registered. Never saw a certificate, even though 2 weeks have passed since the end of the work and we held back money.

They are also dangerous. They put up a steel beam, but they also left the extension roof unsupported and we had to call the council inspector. Not only that but they also tried to cover it up.

Their work is well below standard. They screed the floor in the extension, but left it uneven and higher than the floor in the adjacent original building. This does not work in an open floor kitchen/dinner.
Not only that as they put laminate flooring very badly. They left areas of the floor unsupported and they keep going up and down.
The whole job looks like botched DYI, and it would have been better finished had we done the kitchen and floor fitting ourselves.

They installed a new boiler and radiators, but a week later there was a major leak and the boiler stopped working. They also left the pipes to the washing machine leaking under the sink.

Their work ethic is do to the minimum, try to squeeze as much money as possible and hide their bad work as well as possible. All we heard were excuses, not solutions.

We will be happy to show examples of their bad work.

Their "boss", John, was rude and threatening with us. We are considering pressing criminal charges due to this.