Skim hallway and bathroom ceilings and walls - Plastering job in Bournemouth, Dorset

Job description

  • Skim
  • 11 - 20 walls and / or ceilings

Customer description

Plastering for Hallway and Bathroom 1) Hallway Ceiling Main Part a) Skim over new false ceiling b) Length 2.4m by 2.5m & 2.8m by 1.6m Area 10.48m2 c) Gyproc Plaster Board installed. d) All joints have been taped. 2) Hallway Ceiling Smaller Part a) Skim over new false ceiling b) Length 2.1m by 1.6m Area 3.36m2 c) Gyproc Plaster Board installed. d) All joints have been taped. e) Includes small Gyproc plasterboard and edged cable duct 70mm deep by 275mm wide. 3) Hallway Walls a) Most of the existing plaster is ok except as described below. b) 2 areas where a previous archway has been removed to be repaired. One corner, one flat (1 brick wide floor to ceiling exposed brick) c) One area has been taken back to brick work 900mm by 2200mm. One long edge is an outside corner. d) There are one or two small areas on the hall walls that may need work but we will need to take advice. 4) Bathroom Ceiling a) Skim over new false ceiling b) Length 3.1m by 1.8m Area 5.58m2 c) Aqua Panel cement Board installed. d) All joints have been taped. 5) Bathroom walls a) Skim over existing walls. b) Total area approx. 17.5m2 excluding area below existing pipework, window and door. c) Walls existing finish consists of: Painted plaster skim approx. 1/3 of the total area Original plaster skim with tile adhesive removed approx. 2/3 total area Small area of new Aqua Panel plaster board boxing in d) Skim over existing window jamb to suit window frame. 6) Site conditions a) First floor flat with open stairs (lift is available) b) All furniture including radiators will be removed by us before the start of plastering. c) Hallway and Bathroom Lighting: Currently there is no ceiling lighting. Although a temporary light is installed in each room the Contractor will need to provide adequate temporary lighting to complete the works d) Hallway carpet: Although the carpet will be replaced post plastering it shall be kept as clean as practicable. e) Bathroom flooring: Partial flooring will be removed post plastering therefore it is not necessary to keep clean. The bathroom can be used to mix the plaster. f) Access Areas: Flats entrance hall, stairs, landing & lift shall always remain clean and accessible. Any mess created shall be cleaned up immediately. g) Power and water will be available in the flat h) Photos can be supplied or visit arranged. 7) Time frame a) Ideally 2 weeks from acceptance of quotation however a mutually agreeable date can be arranged