Roof tile(s) replacement urgently needed to stop leak - Roofing (Pitched) job in Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Job description

  • Repair pitched roof
  • Leak investigation

Customer description

At least one slate tile has been broken leaving an opening which is now allowing rainwater to run into the loft space below; the damage to the tile was likely caused very recently by some chimney work carried out by a third party.

This in turn has caused significant damage to the the plasterboard of the bedroom underneath the attic (until the roof is repaired we can't this rectify this), so we would like a roofer to replace/repair the area of damaged roof tiles as soon as possible.


Feedback for Ricky Butterworth Roofing

I'm so pleased to have employed Ricky Butterworth Roofing as they came to assess the damage the morning after I posted the job, then provided me with a competitively fair and detailed quote via email that very evening, which I was happy with.

From the outset Ricky and his work partner went above and beyond to help me before even starting the actual repair. The work was snowed off on a Friday so RBR voluntarily came out and provided a temporary fix from underneath (inside the loft); meaning my roof would be relatively watertight over that weekend until the following Monday when they planned to begin - thankfully the final cost would be the exactly same as the original quote!

Once work began proper on the Monday it literally only seemed to take a a few hours, from when they efficiently set up on the roof and continued on through until all the faulty slate tiles were replaced and I had a functioning roof back.

RBR were conscientious and tidy in their work and the aftercare advice was excellent; Ricky’s
communication with me was very thorough, thoughtful and helpful throughout.

I would definitely prefer to use them in the future and I would
also recommend them to my family and friends.