Rangehood venting, clothes drier venting, outhouse - Extensions job in Wimbledon, South London

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Job description

I own a mid-terrace house, and recently had a ground floor kitchen/dining room extension built at the rear of the house. I have three items of work which my builder didn’t complete, and would like to have done:


The range hood extractor sits over the range cooker, and should extract steam etc to the outside. However, when it is turned on, it sends clouds of dust into the room. I believe that the pipe that goes from the extractor hood to the outside of the house must have a hole in it, or not be joined properly. I would like to have a new pipe (it would need to be about 2m long) connected to the range hood and vented properly outside. There is already a hole in the external wall for this purpose – the new pipe can reach that holw by being inserted into the gap above the kitchen ceiling and below the floor above, by sliding the pipe between the floor joists. The pipe will need to be vented to the outside with a waterproof vent and sealed around the edges to protect rain water entering.


The clothes drier will be situated over the washing machine in a purpose-built utility room. There are two jobs here:

(a) build a small shelf above the washing machine, for the drier to sit on.

(b) vent the drier to the outside. The drier has a flexible hose which is a couple of metres long. The external wall (brick/block) needs to have a hole made in it, and then have a water-proof vent placed over it, so that the flexible hose from the drier can vent out it. There is already some minor damage to the exterior render of the house (where the boiler used to vent out), and that would be the best place to have the hole. After the drier is connected, the wall and vent need to be made waterproof – the vent itself needs to be sealed around the edges, but I would also like to correct any remaining minor damage (cracking etc) to the render of the wall that still exists at that time. A small about of render or similar may therefore need to be applied.


My neighbour’s outhouse is at the rear of her house, and the edge of it is on the party wall line with my house. The outhouse used to stand adjacent to my outhouse, which was demolished to make way for the extension. My neighbour’s outhouse is now against the extension wall instead. It needs two things done to it, to put in back in good order:

(a) the guttering at the front of it stops about 5-10cm from the end of the outhouse roof. The guttering needs to be extended (5-10cm) or replaced (about 1 metre in total) so that all the rain which runs off the roof of the outhouse is caught by the guttering.

(b) the doorframe needs to be replaced (or possibly only partially replaced, on the side of the doorframe where the outhouse rests against the party wall). The problem is that the top of the door frame is no longer level, but needs to be. Overall, the doorway needs to be straight and square, and the door itself may need to be cut accordingly (the door may even need to be replaced).


Feedback for ATICO

Tomasz did an excellent job and I would thoroughly recommend him. He was punctual, the standard of finish is great, and his price competitive. When he encountered an unexpected problem (which had been hidden behind a wall) he told us about it and then - through some extremely hard work - managed to achieve the promised result anyway. When he left, I wouldn't have known that he had been there - even though the work he had to do was messy and must have made a lot of brick and plaster dust, he left everything completely spotless. I'm not normally very easy to please, but Tomasz did a great job.

ATICO's reply:

Many thanks for your comments. We are always near you if you will need us. ATICO