Install a wired cctv system - Security Systems job in Harlow, Essex

Job description

  • CCTV / Smart camera
  • Security camera installation
  • Not sure whether it's a wired or a wireless system
  • Need advice on system choice

Customer description

I am looking for an installer to either supply and fit or fit a 4-6 camera wired CCTV system. I want a system that gives alerts and the ability to view over the internet. Ideally I would want you to give advice about the most suitable system.


Feedback for Principle Security

Lee over promised and under delivered. Lee’s negative feedback shows what to expect if you report a problem. Lee said in feedback “you are only expected to pay if your happy”. Not true. Lee wants full payment when he hasn’t finished otherwise he will say you are trying to evade paying. He thinks it’s OK to take the CCTV and my money. Lee admits he owes me money but he won’t pay me back. Even if you come to an agreement for a refund he still won’t pay you back. He will blame you. Others are still waiting for refunds. Pictures were grainy. Lee said cameras could read number plates, said it had facial recognition, said the mobile app could do everything the DVR could. It couldn’t. 100’s of false alerts from two cameras blamed on branches meant time wasted. Technical support said DVR wasn’t up to it. Lee said he would change but he didn’t. No clue how to transfer video from DVR to an external drive. No handbook. Lee will blame you for expecting too much when it doesn’t do it what he told you. Lee fitted the CCTV from my house elsewhere. I could view video of someone else’s house. I received their alerts. I paid £1000 with balance due on completion. Lee didn’t supply what he said he would. Didn’t finish so he wasn’t paid in full. Lee sent a WhatsApp “I will be changing all the cameras and dvr to a better quality one.. See you tomorrow”. When Lee returned he took the CCTV. Took my money. I have not seen him since. Lee stopped answering phone calls. He will ignore emails.

Principle Security's reply:

Firstly let me point out the obvious here we have been on here 8yrs now and have 263 reviews and 5 bad ones which leaves us with a positive rating of 98%, basically showing that overall we deliver a great service, but yes sometimes we fail to please everyone, sometimes our fault sometimes the fault of a customer.

John ordered cctv and an alarm through us, on the day of install everything was installed and working, we spent a total of 10hrs on site, when it came to paying at the end john had a confession that he only had half the money that was owed and promised he would get the rest in a few days, I excepted although I was annoyed he never mentioned this at the start. Needless to say john decided to go missing for over a week and not answer calls or texts, so I went to John's property and removed the equipment and told him straight, I'd you can't pay we're take it away. John then decided to try and say everything was faulty but only mentioned this once we removed the equipment and then surprisingly learnt how to use his phone again. John I'm not going round in circles, pay for the equipment and we will install it, we never ask clients for money up front but you sir we will as you have a record of not paying. Read about the problems John's had with other trades people, there's a bit of a pattern with john not paying his bills.

As always we will continue to deliver an excellent service and will never ask for any payment upfront, you pay once the jobs complete its simple