Plant 8 cypress trees - Tree Surgery job in Watford, Hertfordshire

Job description

We would like to plant 8 trees: Italian Cypress Trees (cupressus sempervirens) Some in the front garden, some in the back garden.

(1) Dig a planting hole larger than the root ball of the cypress tree and add organic matter into the hole. We recommend the use of mycorrhizal fungi when planting to help the roots develop. (2) Place the tree into the hole and backfill, ensuring that the stem is at the same level as when it was in the pot. (3) Press the soil firmly around the base of the tree’s trunk. (4) Water thoroughly.

Added 6th February, 2023: ------------------------- Plant 14 trees (10 Cypress, 4 Hollys)


Feedback for XL Tree Specialists

Harry and/or Simon come for the quote or first onsite visit. They then schedule others to work on the project. This is a neutral review (at best) as the two young guys that came to work were pleasant to speak with. But - they completely filled my green bin with soil! Who does that? XL say they collect all waste generated, but they didn't. So be warned and check your bins before they leave! When I found out I texted, whatsapped and emailed them to fix the error. They collected the soil at the end of the day. My neighbour also complained to me that the guys on the day kept speeding down the road... Finally, compared to other companies, XL tend to be on the pricier side. In summary, I would not work with them again.

XL Tree Specialists's reply:

Hi Nell, Were really sorry that you had this experience, We contacted you as soon as your messages came through and had our team return to site as soon as possible to rectify their mistake.

We have taken measures to ensure this will not happen again by conducting an in house meeting,
The team have also apologised.

In regards to the speeding all of our vehicles are fitted with trackers and we have taken this matter very seriously and will review all data.

If you wish to know the outcome please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and we can explain in detail all procedures we will take.

We’re sorry that you feel our prices are on the high side, please bare in mind the advice and time taken to try and arrange your job at a short notice even after you turned down to have the extra tree stakes and irrigation system to help the longevity of the trees.

Kind regards
XL Tree Specialists