Terraced house, bromley - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Bromley, Kent

Job description

Scope of Works:

External Works

•Repair masonry parapet wall above first floor bathroom •Render to corner where plaster missing (may require temporary removal of soil stack for access •Correct guttering details (2 No.) to prevent potential damp penetration •Remove existing tall window in Kitchen, demolish portion of wall nib, build up masonry wall to counter height. Install new window.

Temporary Works (to be read in conjunction with Plumbing and Demolition Works)

•Relocate kitchen counter with sink to party wall below boiler. •Provide new hot and cold pipes and drain connection for temp sink location


•Remove drains, vent pipe and both hot and cold water pipes to utility room and toilet. •Remove drain and water pipes for kitchen sink and pipes leading to former toilet from masonry wall. •Cut back drain from utility room and toilet into kitchen. •Remove vent pipe from utility room, cut back to stack and permanently cap off below floor. •Provide future H&C water supply and drain outlets for kitchen sink, dishwasher and washing machine in future locations. •Provide new radiator position in living room bay window •Relocate current living room radiator to corner.

Internal Demolition

•Remove utility room and toilet walls •Remove extra wall build up into kitchen •Remove portion of load bearing masonry wall and install steel beam above for support, (retain nibs for steel bearing). •Remove portion of wall below stair •Remove popcorn ceiling from living room and first floor (specialist contractor?)


•Relocate living room switches •Add new switch on masonry wall, outside of first floor bathroom •Relocate sockets in living room, kitchen and first floor bedrooms •Relocate ceiling lights in living room and first floor bedrooms •Relocate TV point in living room

Make good

•Plasterboard bulkhead to steel beam •Square off and plaster nib walls to create opening •Box out with plasterboard where boiler pipes go down external wall into floor •Box out with plasterboard where pipes run to first floor on masonry wall in kitchen •Make good ceilings and walls where partitions removed •Make good party wall in plaster where chimney breasts have been removed •Patch screed in kitchen where required


Feedback for Thima Green Ltd

Pavels and his team did a great job on completing an internal re-configuration for us and for a reasonable price.

The job involved knocking through a load bearing wall and replacing with a steel frame, re-plastering several walls and ceilings, screeding a concrete slab, significant electrical changes and new plumbing for a future kitchen. We also had them change an external window, and repair a parapet wall on our roof. The work to the bearing wall was a bit tricky as our structural engineer designed a 4 sided frame and had another beam "Tee-ing" onto it. This required some consideration as to the method and sequence of propping and demolition. To Pavels' credit the process went smoothly and quickly. and the space now looks great.

Of course with any building works, and especially on old Victorian property like ours, some inevitable unforeseen problems arose (nothing major). Pavels was very proactive towards finding a solution and involved us in any decisions to tackle the various issues.

Communication with Pavels is really good and he always seems to be available on the phone.

We are very happy with the work they carried out and would not hesitate in recommending them.